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in 1913 a list of the largest firms in the irish linen industry, published in a trade directory by john warral ltd, showed the york street flax spinning co ltd, the company founded by the mulhollands, as the largest spinning and weaving concern with 63,000 spindles and a thousand looms. j. & t.m.greeves was the largest spinning company with 70,000 spindles. milfort weavers with factories in belfast and dunmurry were the largest weaving concerns in ulster with 1000 looms. the industry generally remained prosperous, up to the first world war. as a result of that war, production reached a new peak with the need for materials for uniforms and coverings for aircraft wings and fuselages.

however, after the war, in common with cotton, linen manufacture entered a slow process of decline. 

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colins, p. (1994) history of irish linen.

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