fundamentals | inception

for sometime now we have aspired to create a kind of journal for the studio. a record of interesting things in various formats. after some healthy deliberation we have cobbled together the following format:

each day we will publish something short and sweet here, a daily note if you will, organised loosely under these seven titles.

fundamentals \ the intent, the bottom line, the measure of things, and what are important to us and we value most

atmospheres \ the environment, space and architecture we love, encounter or create that speaks something meaningful to us

tangibles \ things that we design, sketch or produce

journey \ travelings from one place to another

excerpt \ citation, clip, quotes, snippets, narratives that we find interesting and meaningful to us

content \ features, stories and content series regarding specific subjects 

et cetera \ general musings, art, furniture, fashion, dog news, AOB and anything else that doesn't quite fit within the other six categories

31 Chapel Lane