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"we must invert our conception of repose and activity... we should not sleep to recover the energy expended when awake but rather wake occasionally to defecate the unwanted energy that sleep engenders. this might be done quickly - a five-mile race at full tilt around the town and then back to bed and the kingdom of the shadows." o'brien, f. (1939) at swim two birds


perfectly balanced is a presentation of wearables from 31 chapel lane. working wholly in irish linen these garments were designed and manufactured in-house in parallel with the studio's ongoing reflections on the matters of legacy, subtlety and resilience. perfectly balanced encourages simplified ways in which to wear.

the clothing presented here aspires to timelessness at all scales. they are both day and nightwear, for summer and winter. to be worn simply. individually. or combined and layered for warmth. they are intended as multi-generational, in some instances unisex, to be passed from parent to child and, when the time arrives, to be repaired and not replaced.


 the garments were presented at an irish textile exhibition and received a high commendation award
january 2017

31 Chapel Lane