excerpt | to russell vernon hunter

New York
Spring 1932

My dear Vernon Hunter

Your letter gives me such a vivid picture of some thing I love in space
love almost as passionately as I can love a person
that I am almost tempted to pack my little bag and go
but I will not go to it right this morning
No matter how much I love it
There is some thing in me that must finish jobs once started
when I can

So I am here
and what you write of me is there

The cockscomb is here too
I put it in much cold water and it came to life from a kind of flatness it had in the box when I opened it
tho it was very beautiful as it lay in the box a bit wilted when I opened it
I love it
Thank you.

I must confess to you
that I even have the desire to go into old Mexico
that I would have gone
if it were only myself that I considered
You are wise
so wise
in staying in your own country that you know and love
I am divided between my man and a life with him
and some thing of the outdoors
of your world
that is in my blood
and that I know I will never get rid of
I have to get along with my divided self the best way I can

So give my greetings to the sun and the sky
and the wind
and the dry never ending land

Georgia O'Keeffe

31 Chapel Lane