excerpt | Dealing with bears

“I’d like to leave all my interest in, please,” explained Paddington. “In case it rains.”
“Well,” said the man in a superior tone of voice as he made some calculations on a piece of paper.
“I’m afraid you won’t keep very dry on this. It only comes to ten pence.”
“What!” exclaimed Paddington, hardly able to believe his ears. “Ten pence! I don’t think that’s very interesting.”
“Interest isn’t the same thing as interesting,” said the man. “Not the same thing at all.”
He tried hard to think of some way of explaining matters for he wasn’t used to dealing with bears and he had a feeling that Paddington was going to be one of his more difficult customers.
“It’s… it’s something we give you for letting us borrow your money,” he said.
“The longer you leave it in the more you get.”
“Well, my money’s been in since just after Christmas,” exclaimed Paddington. “That’s nearly six months.”
“Ten pence,” said the man firmly.

Bond, M. (1961) Paddington Abroad

31 Chapel Lane