Excerpt | History of Irish Linen Part IV

while the lagan valley became the main area of linen production, purpose built mill villages were important in other areas. the earliest of these was barbour's plantation built near lisburn in 1784. others included f.w.hayes' mill and village at seapatrick near banbridge; upperlands, mossley, muckamore, shrigley, drumaness, milford, and edenderry. dunbarton at gilford was built in the 1820s by dunbar mcmaster and company. donaghcloney was the home of william liddell and co. in all of these, with the exception of gilford, there had been some spinning or weaving in existence. they were little self-contained industrial communities, in many respects resembling the american company town. the employers planned the villages with well-designed housing, schools, libraries, community centres and plenty of recreational activities, especially cricket. this contrasted favourably with the lot of many industrial workers in the larger urban centres. 

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colins, p. (1994) history of irish linen.